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What is voice search and why is it so important?

Voice search is a digital marketing trend that has remained pretty consistent over the past decade or so

June 07, 2023

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What is structured data?

Content is indeed king, but it is often the content that you don’t see that makes the biggest difference to the visibility of your website.

May 11, 2023

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What is keyword research (and why is it so important)?

Keywords play an integral role in every aspect of online marketing, from your SEO campaigns and digital marketing strategies to the content that fills the pages of your website on a more permanent basis.

October 03, 2022

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Why you should work with a local SEO agency

Supporting local businesses is one thing we are truly passionate about here at NeSEO.

July 07, 2022

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What are the top 10 search engines?

Google has become a solid part of our everyday vocabulary.

June 09, 2022

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Some simple SEO wins

Search engine optimisation (SEO) doesn’t have to be complicated.

May 05, 2022

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Why is Google search still so dominant?

The all-seeing eye that is Google plays a vital role in everyone’s daily lives.

April 08, 2022

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Why did Google backtrack on the new search results design?

In mid-January this year, Google made a fairly big change to the way in which it displayed search results.

February 24, 2020

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What’s the difference between Google Organic and Google Paid Search Results and Search Traffic?

Although there are many different search engines, most of us tend to rely on Google when we have a question that requires a digital answer.

October 26, 2019

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