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Engage with your customers through interesting, exciting, unique and relevant content

Developing quality content that people are truly interested in will automatically attract links, shares and likes! We will research your customers and marketplace to bring together a content marketing plan that will engage and excite. 

We will create and distribute your content to ensure that your 
Organic SEO campaign stands out from the crowd.

  • Quality

  • Engaging

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  • Unique

  • Relevant

Content is king

Having quality, unique and truly engaging content is essential to attracting potential customers and improving your website authority. Over the years the focus on quality, relevant, informative, interesting and well written content has actually increased in terms of Google and the Google Algorithm.  Our SEO copywriting service takes the strain off your internal resource to continually produce interesting authoritative articles, blog posts, forum topics, tweets and onsite content.

Our in house team of SEO experts will deliver brilliant content again and again, whatever the industry, market place or audience.

What is content marketing?

In a nutshell, content marketing is communicating to your audience and potential customers without directly selling them anything. It's about creating valuable, engaging and relevant blog posts, news posts and articles that encourage social media shares. SEO over the years has developed into a myriad of different subsections and websites that continually post about their own products just don't engage people enough. The analogy we sometimes use is going up to a complete stanger in a pub and asking them to marry you. It's just not done and is unlikely to end up in the result wanted. There's no communication between those involved, there's no small talk, introduction or feel for the people we meet, whether we want to sell to them or not. For this reason, it's a great idea to break the ice first.

Creating relationships with your customers can be done through multimedia, info-graphics, video snippets and tutorials, helpful comparisons and reviews of related sites and solutions within the same industry.

How do you create engaging content?

Content marketing has become an essential part of any online business. It's about creating engaging 'content' that lets your potential customers know you're still there. That pub that you're in, it's full of people, all working in different sectors, different ages, different backgrounds and interests. You can often join in a conversation offering some help or advice without it being too intrusive. Without selling anything or promoting your business, you're offering a helping hand and creating value for yourself and later on.. your business. Engaging content can be anything from news articles or blog posts to videos, infographics or tutorials that are given as a free snippet of help to anyone that might need it.

It's a strategic marketing approach that's designed to attract and retain a clearly set out demographic of current and future clients.

We know how to create engaging content

Here at NeSEO, we have a team of digital designers, content writers, bloggers, social media experts and experieced SEO marketeers that know what it takes to create engaging content.

We analyse your website statistics, work out what content is doing well, create leads that have minimum bounce, and use that as a template for future communications.

You'll need great content for your Adwords too!

The thing that most people forget, is that in order for your Adwords PPC (pay per click) to work you've still got to have something on the page for people when they get there. Creating a business brand that cares about it's clients and prospects is down to providing them with information about what matters to them, and not what matters to your business. In this way, you can connect on a more personal level with your target audience and suggest solutions and products softly as a matter-of-fact rather than giving them the hard sell. Let's go back to that bar scenario we talked about. If you're in a room full of strangers, you wouldn't go up to someone and offer them a marriage proposal. You're skipping too far ahead. Creating awareness, talking about what you do, who you are, returning frequently and being consistent with your views over a period of time enables those relationships to develop organically.

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