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An end to end SEO service working as part of your team

At NeSEO we understand that time it precious.  Your priorities will be the day to day running of your business.  Let us take full ownership of your SEO and start growing your business today.

Delivering success for customers for over 15 years

With a fully managed SEO service you can take a hands off approach and be safe in the knowledge that a dedicated team of SEO professionals are looking after your business online and making certain that all your on-line marketing activities are aligned to deliver results. Each business is different, each market is different, each brand is different.  We will design and implement a SEO plan that will work for your business on-line. 

We don’t make any promises we can’t keep – all our forecasted results and traffic estimations are based on our many years of experience and the most up-to-date data available. We will devise a plan and set monthly targets based on incremental and profitable results for your business.  Oh, and we DON'T tie you into long term contracts.  You can stop anytime you want and for any reason.  

  • Made to measure

  • Fully comprehensive

  • Performance analysis

  • On page optimisation

  • Content marketing

  • Domain and Brand Authority

  • Link outreach

  • Lead generation

Made to measure SEO Services

We bring the best of breed in innovative research, optimisation, conversion management, lead generation, brand authority building and analysis.  We use our experience of results driven SEO to deliver a real return from your investment with measurable results, understanding & detailing where you are making the best returns. We undertake in-depth research into your business, marketplace and competitors, guaranteeing that our fully managed SEO campaign fits your requirements and aligns with your business goals. 

What's included in our Fully Managed SEO?

At NeSEO our fully managed SEO service takes care of everything needed to ensure you are able to achieve the results you expect from your website.

  • Full website audit and competitor review
  • Keyword research and planning
  • Three, six and twelve month plans
  • Dedicated SEO manager 
  • Monthly SEO review
  • Continual analytics and conversion monitoring
  • Goal setting, managing and reporting
  • Setting of pre-agreed targets and reporting
  • Comprehensive on-page optimisation (on-going)
  • Content Marketing (on-going)
  • Blog Marketing (on-going)
  • Effective off-page optimisation and brand building
  • Professional SEO copywriting
  • Social media account creation
  • Full Social media management & marketing
  • Fixed monthly pricing model

SEO performance analysis

NeSEO uses GA4 and other industry leading analytical tools to analyse, review and report on key performance indicators for your SEO campaign.

We constantly monitor how people are searching for your products/services, and what keywords are providing the best conversions. We also make sure the journey through your website is engaging ensuring that no opportunity gets lost in the cracks.  As part of our fully managed SEO service we will provide you with your own monthly report which includes:

  • Traffic analysis
  • Goal tracking
  • Website usage review
  • Important ranking positions and opportunities
  • On page effectiveness
  • Conversion optimisation
  • UX
  • On-going SEO recommendations
  • Return on your investment (RIO)
  • Next months plan

Whatever level of campaign that is required, NeSEO provides this service to ensure you are always getting the optimum performance from your SEO campaign.

On page search engine optimisation

Our on page search engine optimisation service is the first port of call when starting a new SEO campaign. Your dedicated SEO manager will work with our in house web design & development team to implement the on-page SEO plan.

On page optimisation will usually include:

  • Meta title, meta description and heading tag optimisation
  • Keyword optimisation and further content writing
  • Internal linking optimisation
  • Visitor conversion and UX optimisation
  • Landing page creation and optimisation
  • Removal of duplication
  • Page URL optimisation
  • Canonical fixes
  • Image alt text optimisation
  • Outgoing link checking
  • Page “freshness” – ensuring a steady flow of new content 
  • Server configuration and speed optimisation

A fully detailed report of all actions taken will be provided at the end of the on-page SEO process, ensuring your website is given a clean bill of health on which we can build an effective SEO campaign over the coming months. 

Content, content and some more content...

We know that when running a business it is 'Cash' and your 'Customers' that are your King but when it comes to effective SEO it is your content that is the King!  That's right when it comes to Google, your brand authority, your rankings and your engagement and interaction with your customers it is the content that is King.  In the land of Digital and in particular the World of search without quality, well written, unique, relevant and informative content then you are unlikely to be found on-line and will struggle to gain any new customers from your website.  You will also find that if your content is not engaging with Google you are also likely to find a similar issues with those visitors that do find your website.

We have our own team of content writers that will ensure your content is up to scratch.  It will meet the expectations of Google and your customers and will ensure that you deliver quality traffic to your website that will engage with your business.  This will be included as part of your Fully Managed SEO service with NeSEO.


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