Google Adwords (PPC)

We can improve your cost per lead and deliver a better return on investment on your Pay Per Click campaigns.

Google adwords Pay Per Click (PPC) is a fantastic way to reach your audience very quickly, within hours you can be reaching 1,000's of potential new customers.  We have years of experience creating and managing Google Adwords campaigns from small investments of a few £100 per month to large campaigns of many £1,000s per month.

What is Google PPC?

Google PPC is an abbreviation of the term Google Pay-Per-Click often also referred to as CPC or Cost-Per-Click which is a method of reporting/managing your advertising campaign with Google. Google PPC is the advertising model used to direct traffic from Google Search, or Google search partners to the advertisers website. Typically the advertiser sets a click based budget based on a desired search term(s) and pays Google each time that their advert is clicked.  The position of the advert will be determined by a few variable, the most relevant two being the competitiveness of the budget for the CPC and the quality of the landing page that is being used in the advert.

The benefits of using Google PPC are that anyone creating a paid advertising campaign to drive traffic to a particular page or product, can monitor the effectiveness of their wording, imagery and campaign overall in order to further improve their marketing efforts to generate revenue and capture contact data from those that don't convert instantly.  If you get the balance right between CPC, Ad and landing page, then Google PPC can be a fantastic way to generated profitable sales or leads for your business.

Instantly attract quality leads to your website

Google adword campaigns complement an organic SEO strategy perfectly and can provide you with an advertising presence on hard to rank for keywords and phrases. Our fully managed adwords campaigns are designed to provide you with the maximum return on investment. There are specific techniques to success in PPC, for example, using certain words in your adverts will produce more clicks – you can even out rank your competitors and pay less for each click!  We have been creating and managing effective campaigns now for over 10 years and fully understand all the techniques involved in designing, implementing, managing and maintaining an effective and importantly profitable adwords campaign.

Landing page optimisation

Even with a perfectly optimised adwords campaign, the web page you click through makes all the difference. We know how to design high converting landing pages that focus on generating sales and leads and will reduce wastage. We will utilise our user experience (UX) knowledge to ensure that your adwords landing pages will engage and convert with your new customers.  We also ensure that the relevancy and quality of the landing page will reduce your cost per click while increasing your paid ranking.  In turn leading to more clicks of your adverts for less spend and resulting in more sales and greater profit.

Let us help you with your next adwords campaign

We have been working successfully with Google adwords for well over 10 years.  We can help you to get more from your campaign whatever your budget.

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