Blog Marketing

Blogging is an essential tool in content marketing

Whether you're selling products or providing services, blogging has become an essential part of digital marketing. Commonly referred to as 'content marketing' the process of creating shareable articles, connecting with industry peers, and solving common problems for your audience is a process that's often overlooked.

"What if I don't have time to write a blog?"

"What would I write about?"

"What's the point?"

are all questions we get asked when we talk about blog management.

The answer is simple, and the impact is greater than you can imagine.



  • Research you

  • Research your market

  • Research your customers

  • Research your competitors

  • Entertain and engage

  • Build your audience

Getting to know who you are

Creating a brand and an associated quality to go with it can be achieved through delivering great articles that solve your audience's problems. It might sound counter-intuitive giving away free advice or offering charts, graphs, videos and comparisons when all you want to do is charge your visitors for the same freebies. But let's look at the bigger picture. If your business does a few things really well, these are your key products and the rest just help support them. People trust businesses more when they are seen to be helping them, especially if you've done your research and know your client base inside and out.

Creating video clips, infographics, providing reviews and critique on current trends and products is all part of establishing your company as a trustworthy business to deal with.

Researching your Market

Finding out what makes your customers and potential customers 'tick' is important. Speaking to them face-to-face is not always possible, but with a range of tools to analyse your key demographics and interests, we can work with you to highlight the traits that make your ideal customer and provide daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly posts depending on your marketplace. Our experience tells us that frequent posts are great for ensuring your website looks fresh and shows the search engines that you're actively adding to it and updating it, but it's not always necessary to post weekly.

Creating GREAT content is what counts, and marketing it to the right people is what will make the difference.

Working closely with you

When taking on a new SEO or Digital Marketing relationship, we'll chat with you to find out everything we can about you and your business. What you're passionate about, what sells well, your successes and failures and find out what your customers ask you the most. From here, we'll start creating a plan to deliver regular blog posts that meet the demands and requirements of a competitive marketplace. We have a team of content writers, graphic designers, video editors and creatives that can add valuable content to your website that not only serves your customers, but helps generate inbound traffic too.

Having focused articles on individual topics, services, products or trending issues can help your improve your brand and your brand visibility generating new and incremental traffic to your site.

Creating entertaining and engaging content

It doesn't have to be boring! People want fun stuff too. If you've got video clips from you enjoying an awards event you've recently attended, or the packaging team creating a wall of boxes in front of the toilet - this can help too. Being able to show that your business is fuelled by fun and real people enables a connection between you and your customers to help you build that trust element. It also avoids the feeling of having products and services pushed down your throat of your customers.

Build your audience

Are you struggling to find the time to write in-depth and exciting content, manage blog comments and respond to comments? Don’t worry you not the only one – that’s why our clients outsource blog management to NeSEO.

We craft beautiful content which your subscriber base will love, we will also make sure your blog is optimised for search engines through on-page SEO.

Our blog marketing service includes:

  • Blog article and content writing
  • Blog search engine optimisation
  • Blog themes and installation of “widgets”
  • Comment moderation and response
  • Flexible monthly management fee 

Time to get blogging

Blog Marketing is essential to maintaining fresh, engaging, relevant and informative content.  Get in touch today and let our team help you to engage with your customers.


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