Social Media Marketing

At NeSEO we will look after all your social media marketing

At NeSEO we will work with you to gain a strong understanding of your business and promote your brand through producing engaging content to promote on your social media pages. Each campaign is unique to us and is tailored to our clients' needs and target market.

  • All social channels covered

  • Identify your clients

  • Develop your on-line brand

  • Promote and capture

  • Create and optimise

What social media channels do we manage?

At NeSEO we look after and manage a range of social channels for our customers.  Needs can vary depending on your market place and the type of your business.

Typically we work with the following social platforms:

Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube.

You'll typically find that your target audience tend to use one or two social channels the most, but the best way to discover which are likely to work best for you, is to try as many as possible first. There are no rules as to what will work best for your business, but it's easy to forget that social media is all about being social.

Identifying your customers

We'll work with you to develop the social media marketing strategy that works for your business. Many businesses, when starting out with their social media channels, tend to fall into the trap of just promoting their products and services. We'll help you create an association with your brand that's positive and engaging, with the occasional product placement to help drive traffic to your website. Finding a topic that hits the spot with your clients can be a lengthy process, and one we'll have to spend time with you discovering in the early stages of strategy planning.

Developing your on-line brand

There are many options for your social channels, and we encourage you and your staff to get involved as much as possible. Snaps from the office, videos from the good things you're doing to give back to the community or causes you care about, podcasts that answer customer questions and downloadable content that solves the issues your clients face are all so much better when the people immersed in the job are there to offer a positive insight. 

Promoting and capturing

Promoted posts and unique landing pages are the next options, but not the only ones. Bringing people from your social media and getting them into the sales funnel is not easy. Some sources suggest that it takes upto 50 interactions on social media before any 'fan' or 'follower' is likely to be in position to buy from you, so it's important we spend time building your brand through positive experiences, video clips, inspirational pics, shared content from other sources and comments on other people's work.

Getting to know your competitors and creating relationships with them is essential for local business too. Monitoring what works for them could be the key to boosting your sales. For many 'me too' businesses, it's often about doing the same thing, but better.

We'll help you promote the content that really offers value, using modern techniques to ensure your social platforms fully support your overall marketing campaign.

Creating and optimising

We'll then spend some time setting up multiple channels and closely monitoring them for interactions and views. It's more than likely that many of these social channels won't share the same success, and that's not a failure. That's just about finding the common denominator amongst your potential customers. If your business targets say 16-20 year old who use Snapchat, then you're not going to get the same success from putting all your efforts into Instagram or X.

Time to get social!

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