Why you should treat you website like your car

January 03, 2020 | by Pete

Imagine if you didn’t have your car serviced regularly. At some stage, it’ll break down and will probably do so when you’re stuck in rush hour traffic trying to get to work on time.

This is why most of us make sure our cars are in tip-top condition. And that begs the question - why do so many businesses leave their websites to fester?

Websites are no different to cars; if you don’t provide them with regular maintenance, they’ll fall into disrepair and become a much bigger problem.

If you haven’t fettled your website in a while, here’s a few reasons you should regularly review it.

There might be technical errors

Stuff breaks - that’s life, but when it comes to websites, technical errors aren’t always that easy to spot.

If you get an expert in to review the nuts and bolts of your website, they might find something that needs fixing before it starts to impact your business.

The user experience might be terrible

When was the last time you used your website with your customer hat on?

The older the website, the less likely it is to stand up to the scrutiny and demands of modern web users.

Website user experiences need to be continually monitored and tweaked based on feedback and by monitoring how people currently use the website (Google Analytics is brilliant for that).

Your SEO might need a tweak (or three)

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an ongoing task. If it was something you invested in when the website was originally set up but you’ve since left it to its own devices, SEO won’t be doing the right job for you.

SEO best practices change almost daily, therefore it’s essential that a knowledgeable pair of hands regularly takes a look at how likely your website is to be picked up by Google in relevant search results.

The audience may have changed

Remember that business plan and bunch of audience personas you wrote a while ago? How do you know if it all still rings true?

Audiences adjust and develop over time, and it’s essential that your website follows suit.

As your audience’s needs change, the website will need to cater for them, but you’ll only know if it’s capable of doing so if you keep a regular eye on it.

It might not be growing at the same speed as your business

If you’re experiencing positive company growth, that’s, of course, a wonderful thing.

But, what if your website isn’t keeping pace with your growth as a company?

This is a common issue. As businesses evolve and become more successful, their websites can be easily left behind.

Thankfully, if you’re becoming more successful, that should mean you can invest a little more in your website’s overall health and ability to grow with you.

Ready to review your website?

You really can’t leave the health of your business website to chance.

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