What is the difference between lead generation and CRO and why are they both so important?

February 10, 2021 | by NeSEO

In today’s uncertain world, giving your business every chance of success on the World Wide Web is even more vital. Whether you’ve been able to keep your business doors open throughout the pandemic, or have had to close temporarily or change the way you operate due to lockdown restrictions, making 2021 the year of lead generation is the key to negotiating your way through the new post-lockdown world.

Lead generation and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can be a minefield without the right know-how and support. As well as coming face-to-face with endless jargon, getting to grips with lead generation and CRO can unveil a very daunting technical side of marketing your company online. But that’s where we come in…

Here at NESEO, we understand your business, market, customers and competitors to create engagement, interaction and purchase using the latest and greatest SEO techniques. In this blog post, we’re introducing you to lead generation and CRO to ultimately answer the question – why are they both so important to your post-lockdown business?


What is lead generation?

You may be familiar with lead generation in the traditional (offline) sense. It’s the process used to gain the interest of potential customers, many of which will go onto buy one of your company’s products or services. Online lead generation means exactly the same, yet the tactics used have evolved to reach and engage customers in the digital age.

Lead generation is not the job of a sales representative and there’s no place for the traditional sales pitch. With customers at your fingertips, your SEO specialist with use search engines, blogs, social media and other avenues to understand perspective leads, draw them in and qualify to raise brand awareness and boost sales.


How does CRO fit in?

Conversion Rate Optimisation, or CRO, is a vital part of the wider lead generation strategy. It involves the improvement of your website and its content to turn the visitors who land on your website through lead generation into fully fledged customers.

CRO will also make your website more usable, improving the onsite experience of every visitor to make the chance of conversion even higher.


Why do I need lead generation and CRO?

Lead generation and CRO are designed to work hand-in-hand. After all, without lead generation, you won’t get the browsers to your website in the first place. Whilst without CRO, your lead generation efforts will be wasted as visitors will swiftly leave if they’re greeted by an unusable, poorly targeted website.

As a business that wants to make a splash online in their respective marketplace, utilising a mixture of both lead generation and CRO will provide a recipe for success, securing traffic to your website and converting those all-important leads into loyal customers.

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