What is on page SEO and why is it so important? (Part 1)

August 08, 2022 | by NeSEO

Search engine optimisation (or SEO) is the key to success when marketing your business online. Without a good SEO strategy in tow, you won’t achieve the visibility needed to get the products or services that sit at the very centre of your brand seen.

Whilst SEO trends evolve on a daily – or even hourly – basis, splitting your optimisation efforts between on site and off will ensure all bases are covered to enhance your rankings and boost your visibility. But what exactly is on page SEO and why is it so important?

In this two-part series, we answer these crucial questions and delve deeper into the elements that make good on page SEO possible.

On page SEO – a brief introduction

On page SEO is exactly that, it optimises the pages that make up your website for better success with the search engines. By improving your website’s on page SEO, you’ll be better positioned to rank higher and it’ll work wonders for your user experience too.

The benefits of on page SEO

There are many advantages that go hand-in-hand with good on page SEO. On page SEO creates better optimised pages, meaning they’ll perform well and rank more highly on search engines like Google.

Pages that have been optimised with best practice on page SEO in mind will be better understood by the search engines and with this, they’ll be more likely to appear in the search results for the queries your business wants to target.

It’s not just Google that loves on page SEO. Web pages that use on page SEO tactics well are more user friendly. As a result, they’ll be better received by browsers, leaving you to convert more visitors to your website to customers.

Getting started with on page SEO

There are several ways that you can enhance on page SEO. The content on each of your web pages should be a primary focal point, containing the keywords and key phrases that will be searched for by your target audience. The use of title tags, internal links and images will also boost your on page SEO significantly as will the overall improvement of each page’s user experience (UX).

It's not just on page where SEO matters. The URL of the page should also be optimised using best practice on page SEO.

Tune in for the second part of our on page SEO guide to find out how you can improve your on page SEO success in six simple steps.