What is a social influencer and can they benefit my business?

June 09, 2021 | by NeSEO

According to recent research, 60% of businesses are using social media to boost their standing and expand their reach throughout their target market. Across the pond, in the USA, usage is much higher with 91.9% of companies with 100 employees or more using social media for marketing purposes.

Social media no doubt has its perks, with platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn giving you a quick, easy and affordable way to market to your core demographic and sell the products or services at the centre of your brand. Yet in such a crowded marketplace, standing out from the crowd on your social media channel of choice isn’t easy.

Freshening up your social media strategy from time-to-time is the key to making social media marketing work. One technique that an increasing number of businesses are relying on is recruiting a social influencer.


Introducing the social influencer

A social influencer is a person who regularly uses social media and has, as a result of this usage, garnered a large follower base in their own right. They are usually private individuals and are recruited by companies of all sizes and niches to share their views or promote specific brands, products or services.

Many social influencers fulfil this role as a full time job, with a career in social influencing particularly lucrative if you have a large number of followers, friends or connections.


The benefits of using an influencer

By choosing the right social influencer, you can build trust fast within your target market. The engaged and active audience an influencer already has offers instant access to potential new customers.

Influencer marketing can also be used to enhance brand awareness and boost your own follower base. It provides not just an opportunity to share your brand story but a chance to add value and effectively reach out to consumers.

Partnerships with social influencers can enrich other areas of your marketing strategy too, including your content schedule.


Making influencer marketing work for you

When selecting an influencer that will do your business justice, be sure to take your time. Start by choosing the right social network for your business. If you’re a trendy, visually pleasing brand, Instagram will be the best fit, whilst more corporate brands will fare better with LinkedIn.

From here, you can source influencers independently or via agencies. When sifting through your options, don’t just consider follower numbers. Take a closer look at their engagement and click-through rates.

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