SEO trends in 2024

December 11, 2023 | by NeSEO

The world of search is as fast paced as it gets. In fact, search engine optimisation (SEO) trends can feel like they’re evolving on a weekly or even daily basis. While there are some cornerstones that will always be relevant to ensuring ethical, user-focused SEO campaigns, the rise of AI and Google’s ‘E-E-A-T’ ethos are all set to change things dramatically for 2024. So, what trends should you be embracing during the year ahead?

Google’s SGE is going to be huge…

…and the time to optimise your content is now! The Search Generative Experience (SGE) puts AI power at the forefront of results pages to influence how browsers interact with results. With this in mind, optimising your content for SGE could mean increased impressions and traffic for your business.

While it’s currently unclear which factors get your web pages in Google’s good books, incorporating opinion and analysis, using direct language, and penning content of a topical or niche nature certainly counts.

Zero click searches aren’t all bad

Google’s SGE has had a knock-on effect on the role of rich snippets too. While the resulting zero click searches are typically seen as negative, they could put you up there with the big brands to build awareness and recognition.

Creating keyword-driven, relevant copy that’s made for ‘position zero’ is something we’ve been encouraging throughout 2023, and will continue long into 2024.

Keep on practising great SEO

The rise of SGE and zero click searches doesn’t mean abandoning the best practices you’ve come to know and love when crafting your SEO campaigns. Search engines still promote SERPs that are traditionally optimised, even with the AI-generated results taking priority.

SEO will become AEO

Another tactic to add to your SEO strategy for 2024 is Answer Engine Optimisation (AEO). Regardless of the nature of their search, every browser is searching for an answer to a question, and AEO gives them the content to find the necessary information.

Adopting a Q&A style when writing content is the key to optimising for the ‘answer engine’. Keep your tone conversational, and your answers clear and concise.

Establish yourself as a topical authority

Every great SEO campaign is built on the aim of becoming an authority in your particular niche, so don’t forget this when creating your content. By focusing on topics are relevant to your expertise and delving deeper into the subject matter, you can build a library of trusted, high authority information on-site.