Why your website needs SEO

November 05, 2018 | by NeSEO

The dark art you don’t need to worry about: why your website needs SEO

They’re three letters which, unless you work in digital marketing, might mean very little.

‘SEO’, or ’Search Engine Optimisation’ has long been the best, most sustainable way to get your website found on Google.

Pay-per-click advertising has its place and is perfect for short-term wins on the web, but if you want to establish your brand rather more solidly online, SEO is the way to go.

We’re the SEO Northampton experts, which puts us in the perfect position to offer five reasons your website needs SEO.

1. It’s a long-term strategy

Depending on the position you currently occupy within search rankings, your website’s design and content and any penalties you may have picked up along the way, SEO may deliver a noticeable effect relatively quickly.

Conversely, it might take some time to have an impact. And that’s fine; SEO takes time, effort and a committed budget to be effective, but that’s a very good thing indeed.

2. Organic search will provide the bulk of your website traffic

Chances are, you have neither the budget nor inclination to run long AdWords campaigns, which means organic search will inevitably provide the bulk of your website’s traffic.

This is an important task, which means it needs to provide the right traffic, and the only way you’ll encourage quality visitors to your website who sit within your target market is to invest in SEO.

3. Trust and credibility come from SEO

A big part of SEO is establishing authority on the web. This is done by building quality backlinks to your website and ensuring it provides a clean, enjoyable user experience to all who visit.

SEO also focuses heavily on the content your website contains. Beyond the importance of being keyword rich, it also needs to be unique, engaging and smart - just like Google (there’s no fooling it these days).

4. SEO let’s you go local

Local SEO helps configure your website so that it speaks to specific regions, enabling you to establish your brand at a local level.

If you work in retail or another type of business who’s target customer base can be found within the local vicinity, SEO helps you reach that audience cost effectively and consistently.

5. It costs less than you think

If you’ve been put off SEO previously due to cost, you’ve either picked the wrong marketing agency or taken advice from too many businesses that have.

Search engine optimisation costs money, of course, but in the grand scheme of your marketing plan, it’s actually pretty affordable.

The important thing is to view it as an investment. As we’ve already noted, it will take time to deliver results, but when it does, the cost will easily be made accountable for, and you’ll be able to see a direct return on investment.

What’s more, the best SEO experts will ensure this is a marketing investment that stands the test of time. SEO strategies and Google’s algorithms evolve all the time, but by placing some of your budget in the hands of people who keep up-to-speed with the changes, your website will stand the test of time.

Wrapping up

Still unsure about the value of SEO for your website? Thought not! Why not speak to the SEO experts in Northampton to find out how we can help your website reach new heights on Google?