Why you should invest in SEO and digital marketing training?

February 25, 2019 | by NeSEO

It’s impossible to grow a profitable business in the digital age without investment in search engine optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing.

This is true no matter which industry you’re in, how big the organisation is or how tough (or easy) you view the competition.

The good news? There’s an awful lot you can do yourself when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. Granted - you’ll need input from an expert to really dig deep into both of these areas, but there’s nothing quite like being self-sufficient.

The best way to raise your game in this area is to invest in some training. The benefits you’ll get from just a day with a digital marketing expert are significant, but we appreciate you might need a bit more convincing.

With that in mind, here’s what we believe to be the benefits of SEO and digital marketing training for three key roles within every business.

The marketing professional

Running a marketing department (or undertaking it solely) is a tough job in the digital economy.

There are so many marketing channels that can be explored, and the landscape is forever changing. Add to that the fact that consumers and clients tread an increasingly complex path towards their final purchase and you’d be forgiven for assuming it’s an impossible task.

This is probably why digital marketing is one of the most sought-after skills in most industries, and if you’re a marketing professional with limited digital experience, training will do you the world of good. In fact, without it, you’ll be in danger of being left behind.

Digital marketing is fast replacing traditional marketing, and while the latter certainly still has its place, gaining at least a top level insight into the world of SEO, social and content marketing will ensure you can combine your experience with the latest techniques.

The sales professional

Digital marketing and sales go hand-in-hand these days. So much so, that the line between both departments is starting to blur.

If you work in sales, there’s a couple of reasons a digital marketing and SEO training course will be some of the most productive time you spend this year:

  • Accelerated career growth. Sales professionals who have a decent, high-level grasp of digital marketing will know how to leverage their personal brands on services like LinkedIn and Twitter to discover new sales opportunities. In turn, this will accelerate their career growth by leaving no stone unturned.
  • Career opportunities. Who says you want to stay in sales for the rest of your career? By picking up skills in digital marketing, you might just discover a new path in that field - and what better way to keep yourself motivated or continue your personal growth?

Digital marketing should be a skill in every sales professional’s toolbox - no matter how unnatural it might feel at first.

The business owner

The whole point of being a business owner and entrepreneur is to employ people who are better than you at core business tasks, right?

Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from a high level overview of something as essential as digital marketing and SEO.

As the owner of the business, your priority is to acquire new customers and ensure you can grow the company profitably. To do that, you’ll need to rely heavily on your website and the business’s brand persona online.

Imagine not having any idea how any of that stuff works!

Although you probably won’t be investing your own time in the intricacies of digital marketing and SEO, the more you know about it, the more you can recruit and mentor the best talent for your business.

Wrapping up

Training will always be an important form of investment for businesses in all sectors.

Don’t skimp on this vital element of business growth - particularly when it comes to digital marketing and SEO!