Why it might be time to arrange a ‘health check’ for your website

March 19, 2021 | by NeSEO

The health of a website is one thing that is underestimated by many. Without regular updates and upgrades, your website won’t be the user-centric, SEO-friendly online portal it should be, which could leave brand awareness and sales suffering.

As a leading and experienced provider of digital marketing and SEO services, our team has helped many businesses give their websites clean bills of health. But is it time to give your website the ‘once over’? Read on to discover the signs that say it’s time for a website health check.


Your leads have dropped

If you’re currently finding that you’re not receiving or qualifying as many leads as you used to, now is the perfect time to arrange a website health check. There are many reasons why your leads may have decreased, but with a health check, you can investigate whether it’s your website letting the side down.

With an NESEO website health check, problem identification is all a part of the service. Our specialists will conduct a professional digital review to pinpoint any issues that may be affecting lead generation as well as provide solutions.


There are new competitors in town

Competitor research should be a part of every business’ digital marketing plans. By keeping tabs on your rivals, you can devise a strategy that will put you ahead of the competition, satisfy existing customers, and even win new business.

Your website plays an important role in keeping your customer base happy, engaged and out of the arms of your competitors. As part of your website health check, you’ll be given the practical advice, insights and support you need to overcome customer journey and user experience challenges, and ultimately gain the edge over competitors, new and old.


Your website is due for an overhaul

If your website was designed and developed a while ago, a website health check offers the perfect foundation for its overhaul. By reviewing user experience, customer journey, analytics, content, SEO, conversion rates, and your competitors, you can be presented with all the facts so you can improve your digital platform the right way.

Our website health check goes one step further to analyse your business off-site too. Your email marketing strategy, social media channels, and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns will all be reviewed to provide you with a bigger picture of how you can enhance your brand.

Ready to arrange your website review? Request your digital health check today.