The importance of checking the health of your website

March 06, 2023 | by NeSEO

The health of your website matters. Checking everything is working just as it should do and finding solutions for any issues that do arise is vital. Thankfully, this can be achieved rather simply with a digital health check.

Our digital health checks cover all bases to ensure your website is delivering the results you need and the experience your customers crave. Discover the areas that we review as part of our digital website health checks and why making improvements is important.

User experience

The user experience (UX) offered by your website has to be of a high standard to impress and engage the browsers of today. The journey your website takes each and every browser on to convert them into customers can define the success of your business, especially if you operate in an online-only capacity.

A good user experience unlocks many benefits, including but not limited to increased traffic and engagement, enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty, improved web performance, and higher conversion rates.

Website analytics

Your analytics can tell you a lot about how your website is performing. With analytics, you can measure traffic, track your bounce rate, optimise your website, improve results, and increase the success of your wider company.

Our digital health check even reviews your Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to delve deeper into how browsers use your website, the actions they take, and how the process can be improved to help you achieve those all-important business goals.

Content, SEO and PPC

Content is a powerful thing, but only when used in the right way. Our digital health check ensures the content you use on-site for information and SEO purposes, and off-site via your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns is as effective as it should be.

With the right words to communicate your brand, and the products or services it delivers, you can capture the attention of your audience, outperform your competitors, and impress the search engines.

…and everything else!

Our digital health checks take in the bigger picture to ensure you can operate and engage effectively and efficiently online. With this, your email marketing efforts and social media profiles are audited to ensure they align with your business ambitions.

We also analyse your competitors to highlight opportunities that could pave the way to better business practices with our personalised digital website health checks.

Let our team take the lead and help your website perform by getting started with your digital health check today.