Should Snapchat be part of your social media marketing?

March 04, 2022 | by NeSEO

When crafting a marketing strategy that’s efficient, engaging and cost effective, social media has an important part to play. When used for business purposes, the right social media platforms have the power to push your organisation to a whole new level, enabling you to connect with your target audience direct and position yourself as an expert in your respective field.

The social media sphere has expanded rapidly in recent years, with more and more platforms vying for users’ attention. New social media websites aside however, it’s the oldies but goodies that remain steadfast parts of the marketing strategies of businesses of all sizes and niches.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and more recently, TikTok are the biggest and best social media platforms on the market and every social media marketer’s dream. But where does Snapchat fit into your bigger social media marketing picture?

Is Snapchat worth adding to my social media marketing strategy?

In short –yes! Just like any other social media platform, Snapchat is a worthy addition to many business’ social media marketing strategies thanks to its 319 million daily active users worldwide and never-ending features.

When deciphering whether Snapchat is the right platform for your business, treat it like any other platform. Define your goals, profile your audience (age, gender, income, education and interests), and determine whether they use the platform in question.

What are the business benefits of using Snapchat?

Remember those never-ending features we mentioned earlier? With Snapchat, you can use them all, with their on-demand geofilters providing the ideal way to customise your business’ social media marketing materials.

In addition to personalising your presence like never before at the click of a button, Snapchat gives businesses the chance to increase their engagement with younger audiences and build brand awareness in short, sharp bursts. It’s a great way to share important updates, exclusive content, coupons and competitions.

Could Snapchat be the right platform for my business?

With a primary base of users aged between 12 and 24, Snapchat is THE way to engage with the younger audiences that are otherwise out of reach across other social media platforms.

The premise of Snapchat and its short-lived stories – Snapchat stories are available for a maximum of 24 hours before self destructing – means maintaining a presence on Snapchat requires very little investment. Snapchat does however create a lasting impression and can help to create an evolving strategy that’s interesting for your audience and your business.

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