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Jamie Hammond, Marketing Director at Roadchef Days Inn Hotels

Content for SEO

In order for your site to rank and for Google to recognise the relevance of your site you will need to ensure that you site has plenty of good quality, well written and relevant content. 

A large proportion of Digital Marketing involves content writing and copywriting, this is largely because of relevancy and depth of information. Google and other search engines like to be able to find information on your website that their users are looking for.  So making this content for search engines to harvest upon is a large part of any Digital Strategy we undertake. As well as the initial content creation and additions to your website we will look to continually update and add content to each of our clients websites, this may include blogs, forums, social media or even commenting or adding new pages. All of this has to be written in a natural, informative, relevant and unique way that search engines will love and visitors can understand.  This then all needs to be joined together through your website in such a way to make the journey as simple, clean, clear and logical as possible for both your customers and the search engines.

When combined with a natural targeted link building campaign, proper copy written content can have a huge impact on your organic rankings on search engines. The benefit is 3 fold, your site naturally attracts visitors who are searching for good quality information, quality content attracts links from external websites and search engines love rich, deep relevant content that is good for visitors.

link building2

Link Outreach for SEO

Quality and relevant oneway links remain one of the most important facets for ranking higher on Google and other search engines. Good link popularity can see a website rise quickly through the pages of search engines, here at NeSEO we work actively to improve the quantity and quality of the links pointing back to our client's websites.

Our link outreach campaigns are targeted at receiving only non-reciprocal relevant and quality links from relevant websites.  We use our time to source and engage with websites within a client's niche or part of a clients existing relationship chain and form relationships with these web owners whom if chosen correctly and made aware of your brand will be more than happy to link to your new quality, relevant and unique content.

Google continues to look at links as one of the measures of a sites popularity and therefore authority.  Google expects this to be achieved naturally as a result of an experience of your products and or services.  Our link outreach efforts are as much about searching for relevant opportunities as they are about improving the visibility and awareness of your on-line presence.  In other words we adopt methods designed to achieve exactly what Google expects!


what is seo

What is search engine optimisation (SEO)?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is essentially the process of gaining higher rankings and increased visibility on search engines, it involves designing and implementing a strategy to improve your websites' SEO in order for it to become friendlier to search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO involves being listed on the "organic", "natural" or "unpaid" area of search engine results pages (SERPs) and unlike Pay Per Click (PPC) where an auction type bidding system means the customer has to pay for each click a listing achieves SEO is far more cost effective, time resistant and a longer term strategy to increase your ROI.  Today SEO is generally considered one of the most important of the on-line marketing tools.

Most SEOs focus on the Google search result as they are the dominant search player in the market today.  Over the last 10 years Google has done much to improve how their search engine works with their aim to ensure that the most relevant, well managed, well maintained, well designed, most informative and most respected websites appear at the top of the SERPs.  The role of a good ageny will be to help identify what areas need work for your business and brand to begin the process of generating new and relevant traffic from the search engines.

seo strategy

The Strategy behind Profit Generating Digital Marketing Campaigns, Getting a RETURN on YOUR investment

We have worked with many business throughout Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire to help them to deliver more Profit from their on-line business through effective and results orientated SEO work.  Our first approach to creating an effective profit generating Digital Marketing Campaign is to get to know you, your business, your goals and your online aspirations.  We do this through first researching your market and getting to know your on line competitors then we find our about you, your key strengths and understanding your skills and your skill gaps. This research is key in how to understand how each site is working and identify what needs to be improved or what areas offer the main opportunity to deliver yours and our objectives, which is to increase your profit and generate a healthy return on your investment.  Our research will highlight several things to us that may need to be changed in order to hit the ground running and make the most effective use of yours and our time.  We have been successfully working with companies throughout Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Birmingham, Hertfordshire and Leicestershire delivering effective and highly profitable SEO Campaigns.  To build a result driven seo strategy will involve all the following areas:

  • Research - Before we start anything we need to understand the market, the competition and all keywords and keyword opportunities aligned to your business to make sure we begin to build the perfect strategy for each market place we enter.
  • Keyword strategy - Keywords are critical to the work that we carry out for your business. When carrying out our keyword analysis we combine company services, products, pricing, quality, competition and unique selling attributes to identify the most relevant and valuable search trends. We look to marry up potentially high converting keywords from the company side to search engine stats about what potential customers are searching for. After all there is no point ranking top of Google for something that people are not actually searching for or indeed for a product and service that you do not provide! We also take into consideration the competitiveness of the search term and the likelihood (in terms of the quality and relevancy of the competition) of being able to rank for each term.
  • Content strategy - Have you ever heard the saying 'Content is King'?  Well when it comes to effective SEO campaigns it most definately is King.  Without quality, well written, unique, relevant and rich content Google will not rank your site. We will look to amend existing content and add new content that Google and other search engines will be able to be able to engage with. Your content must be relevant of good quality, unique and show google that you have the authority and knowledge. Each site needs to demonstrate the subject matter that it is looking to rank for, this then needs to be rolled out site wide across every single page.
  • Onsite SEO changes - Onsite SEO is effectively everything that a visitor or a search engine robot will see on any particular page of a website. This includes everything from headings, meta data, alt tags and much more that will need to be clean, tidy and well-structured in order to make the website more friendly and relevant to both search engines and the visitors to the website.
  • Offsite SEO changes - Offsite SEO is largely about your site authority and brand visibility. Googles algorithm uses many elements to determine the relevance, popularity and authorirty of a website.  From Googles beginning the algoritm has used back links as a measure to the popularity, relevance and authority of websites.  Over the past ten years the Google and its algorithm have become much more sophisticated however, back links still play a important and relevant part to any sucessful SEO Campaign.
  • User experience - As part of our results driven digital marketing we don't just focus on driving incremental traffic to your site but we look at the customer journey and user experience of your site to ensure that as many visits to your website as possible become a potential sale or enquiry.  We have years of experience working on digital campaigns as well as having our own in house design and development teams that work with all the latest software and coding standards ensuring we have the full set of skills to deliver returns on your investment.
  • Analyse - Using tools such as Google Analytics and Moz we analyse everything that is going on with each website at any given time and report on trends, changes, recommendation for change and strategy adjustments.
  • Refine - Using the analysis we stay proactive and make on-going changes to our strategy to continually improve a your websites and ensure that we continue to deliver profit growth for your on-line brand.

At NESEO we have been delivering effective and profitable local SEO campaigns for the past 11 years.  We are located in Northamptonshire and have been delivering results driven SEO services throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties of Bedfordshire, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Leictershire since 2005.  We are a specialist Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Conversion Optimisation and SEO Agency and have experience working with customers from a range of backgrounds and in a broad range of different markets.  We have sucess working with small business and large business.  We love what we do at NESEO and are very proud of the results that we have and continue to deliver for all our customers.


We track, monitor everything that we do to ensure that we always deliver measurable and profitable results for all our customers. We understand the core priniciples of what is needed to run a successful business on-line and have a deep insight into how Google works and what Google expects.   Unlike other SEO agencies that you may come across we understand what to do, why it needs to be done and how to do it because we like you operate our business on-line.  Also unlike most other agencies you will come along we are not just trained but we are qualified Marketeers and have knowledge and experience of running larget successful marketing departments.  This is critically important as successful SEO utilises the basics of good old fashioned Marketing.  We have been sharing our knowledge of SEO and how to deliver successful Digital Campaigns for over ten years now.

Being qualified Marketeers as well as the experience of running large and effective marketing departments means we have a real knowledge and insite on what it takes to make your campaign successful.  We have been working with companies throughout Northamptonshire and surrounding counties delivering results driven SEO campaigns that are formated on the basis of providing measurable and sustainable returns on their investment.  We offer our customers a range of services from consultancy through to full planning, strategy, tactics and implementation.

We have proven success across a range of markets from Gardens Supplies, Domestic Cleaning Companies, Car Rental Businesses, Electricians, Second Hand Car Sales, Sports Insurance, Graphic Design, Phyisical Trainers, Hotels and other Marketing Agencies.  We are very proud of our achievements and continue to learn and grow for the benefit of our customers.   SEO is our passion and as such we invest our time and effort in ensuring we maintain our knowledge.  Running our own successful on-line businesses means that we also have a great understanding of how a website should work, the user experience, the customer journey, on-line design and how to create and maintain an engaging and effective website.  We will get to know your market, your customers, your potential customers and your competitors first.  We can then work with you to ensure that your site is meeting the expecations of your customers and ensuring you are maximising your on-line sales/leads. 

 We love what we do at NeSEO and take pride in helping businesses achieve their on-line goals.  We are more than happy to share our knowledge and help you to maximise your on-line potential.  Contact us today and let us help you grow your bottom line.

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