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Increasing your followers is just the start.

Twitter is a tiny-blogging platform that remains ever popular. Our Twitter Marketing offers businesses new ways to connect with customers. Twitter may not be an appropriate platform for all businesses so its important that your business develops a Twitter Marketing Strategy.

How we use your Twitter account

Twitter is still a hugely popular social media platform and while the majority of users are there to converse, there is massive potential for businesses too. We see Twitter as the voice of your business, an opportunity to connect with potential clients, talk to industry peers and professionals and reach out to influencers who are well known in your line of work. There are many suggestions out there as to what you should post on twitter, but we generally adopt the 5-3-2 approach. This means that for every 10 twitter posts we put out there, five are other people's articles and blog posts that we talk about. this might sound weird, but people don't want your products shoved down their throats all the time, they are online to be sociable, to find out what's going on in the industries, activities and news that affects them or entertains them. Three posts are related to your products and services, offering tips, ideas and solutions to common problems your followers might have, and finally the last two posts are more personal, friendly and approachable to assure followers that the person they're following is actually a real person!

Twitter Strategy

At NESEO we utilise years of data analysis and industry-proven methods to ensure your tweets go out at the right times. There are many theories on when that best time is, but we can analyse your marketplace and statistics to ensure accuracy and engage the people that matter to you most. B2B followers are most likely to read and respond on weekdays 8-5 with a peak around 2pm. B2C followers tend to engage more at the weekends and early evening. Although the rate of new twitter users is steadily slowing, the platform is making many tweaks to the timelines and features available, with promoted adverts that can help you maximise reach and increase your followers. Of course, the important thing to remember is that a few relevant, influential followers are better than thousands of people who'll never buy your stuff!

Building a highly targeted and active audience

We can also organically increase your twitter accounts clout by:
  • Find highly targeted followers for your business
  • Unfollow those who are not relevant
  • Create an engagement campaign
  • Post daily tweets and pictures

Giving you an immediate channel to direct promotional campaigns to, manage support and more.

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