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We don't just 'do SEO', we're built upon traditional marketing techniques bringing a wealth of experience in campaign management, testing, analysis and optimisation. Techniques that are still relevant in todays' digital age. We'll help you build and manage your facebook profile

Creative Facebook Campaigns

It’s really not enough just to have a profile on Facebook or a fan page, you have to engage with content, offers, promotions, games and more. As standard we will link your blog feed to update your facebook page directly, create a bespoke design for your timeline photo and optimise logos to fit in the correct areas. From there the world is our oyster to come up with exciting campaigns, promotions and drive more qualified traffic to your conversion pages.  

Of course, facebook campaigns don't suit every business. If you're a b2b business, you might find your potential clients are less likely to use facebook as a medium and more likely just to google search or use linkedIn. Whenever we start a new journey with a client, we'll analyse your current market and help you decide which routes are best for providing news, information and ideas to your audience. If you're a b2c business you'll get much more value from facebook and with targeted work based on a finite set of demographics you can really achieve some great results. We'll work with you to create the appropriate landing pages for your website too, which helps us track your social page's conversion rate and ensure we're delivering unique content to those using social platforms. This will allow you to tailor your offers to facebook users rather than send them to your homepage.

We provide daily and weekly updates on all social channels which includes royalty free images, custom artwork and proven styles that attract new clients and engage existing fans. We often suggest running separate campaigns across each social network which will allow us to analyse the performance of each medium and focus on the areas that generate more interest.

Facebook Advertising

There are many elements that need to be right before investing your money into facebook adverting.  

  • We help you define your unique selling points
  • We assess and analyse your service or products and decide what their unique selling point is and how they should stand out from your competitors
  • We create & edit image(s)
  • A picture can speak a thousand words, so we'll spend time searching for the right one(s) for your ads, ensuring it properly represents your brand and attracts attention. 
  • We'll create and analyse the ad title(s)
  • Your unique selling points and a clear call-to-action are often included in this. There are also many tools that we use to analyse a headline for effectiveness.
  • We'll write body text(s)
  • An introduction to your brand, values and a little more about the way you work often helps to reinforce the quality of your product. We'll get creative with the words to make sure you're making an impact.
  • We'll do some A/B testing with several variations
  • Getting an ad right first time isn't easy, and there are many psychological reasons why people are attracted to a particular layout of ad. Far too many to be able to perfect a single ad every time! We'll work on creating multiple versions of the same ad to see which one creates more conversions.
  • We'll work with you to define age groups to target,
  • We will limit your ad based on location
  • Assess the interests of people you're most likely to attract
  • Is your product or service closely tied to specific interests? If so, define what people who may like you are interested in and target them. 
  • Help you decide which ad type to use

Facebook offers several different types of ads. Marketplace ads are the most popular and affordable, which  allows you to include ads to external websites, page post ads, sponsored stories and Facebook objects. We'll carefully select the right format to ensure your ad is seen.

  • We'll help you set a budget
  • Don't forget you'll need some budget set aside for the initial testing stages too! We'll help you work a budget and ROI forecast.
  • Work with you to choose a cost model
  • CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per thousand impressions) are the cost models available.
  • We'll ensure the model chosen is fit for your budget and reach ensuring you get the best return.

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