Social Media Marketing

Truly engage with your customers through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and build a listening audience.

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Full Social Media Management

Traditional marketing methods are no longer enough regardless if you are an established brand or an up and coming small business. An online presence is essential, and to successfully promote your business and website, a social media campaign is a must.

With a range of Social Media Packages available from neSEO, we can increase your brand awareness and open doors to a whole new target market. As Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin have grown in popularity, so has their importance in the world of marketing and promoting your business. Keeping on top of all your social media outlets can be very time consuming and often a daunting prospect, however neSEO can manage all of your social media pages and promote your business with a personal touch. 

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Social Media Packages

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are well established in providing a global or local audience to your brand. Social media channels now play a key role in any online marketing plan and can boost your return on marketing expenditure - plus its effectiveness can all be reported.

Social media is now among the most effective methods of online marketing available in your toolkit. It's also one that requires continuous engagement, planning and delivery which can consume up hours per day to manage and implement of someone with a full-time role - that’s a huge resource drain and inevitably it ends up dropping down the list of priorities.

At NeSEO we have created different packages to help manage your social media channels, from simple tweeting to consumer engagement, we can build an audience around your brand and keep them listening. 

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Facebook Marketing

Growing your facebook following will not only help the authority of your site but if done right will also help you to sell you products and services.

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Twitter Marketing

Twitter remains hugely popular.  Although the majority of users are there to tweet, there is massive potential for businesses too. We believe that Twitter can be used as the voice of your business, offering an opportunity to connect with potential customers, engage with your peers and reach out to influencers who are well known in your line of work.

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Blog Marketing

Whether you're selling products or providing services, blogging has become an essential part of digital marketing. Commonly referred to as part of the content marketing process in terms of creating shareable articles, connecting with industry peers, and solving common problems for your audience is a process that's often overlooked.