YouTube Marketing

In-video advertising and viral campaigns

YouTube Advertising and Viral Campaigns

YouTube reaches over 17 million people in the UK each month, accumulating more than 16 million viewing hours on the site. With this size of audience, gaining exposure and driving target traffic to your website has huge potential.

Our YouTube Marketing service includes:

  • Profile set up and bespoke graphic design
  • Video production and upload to YouTube
  • In-video advertising / Video PPC campaigns
  • Ability to target specific videos or channels on YouTube
  • Monthly reporting on performance and campaign effectiveness
  • Flexible monthly management fee

Analytics to monitor campaigns

youtueb analytics

We'll work with you to establish a suitable style and theme for your videos and develop a plan to keep the balance of 'product' and 'fun' just right and make sure they're suitable for the audience demographics that best fit your brand.

Video Creation

successstoryNobody knows your business better than you, which is why we encourage our clients to provide us with as much insight into their daily life as possible. From recorded clips on your staff phones sent directly to us, to product walkthroughs, tips and advice clips to general interest videos - it's all about you! Sure, we can film some boring videos too if you want them, but what people want to see is generally either: useful or funny. Or both! If you or someone within your business can put aside 20 minutes a week to record and share their knowledge about widgets or whatever it is you provide, we can edit, produce and deploy them into something that has the power to transform your business online.


We offer

  • Conceptual design consultation
  • Studio space and recording facilities at our Kettering premises
  • Full video creation & editing
  • Video conversion from slides, photographs or presentations
  • Professional voiceover sourcing
  • Deployment and promotion
  • Keyword optimisation
  • Supporting analytics
  • The support and enthusiasm to keep going!