Digital Health Check

Performance is everything. Get a complete understanding of what's required to increase your on-line sales and profitability.

How optimised is your website?

Our Digital Health Check is the essential foundation step to building a successful on-line marketing strategy, it is designed to analyse all aspects of your website, its content, your competition and potential target keywords. 

The neSEO Digital Health Check will report on:

  • Keyword Analysis

  • On-page Optimisation

  • Link Architecture

  • Page Load Speed

  • External Link Profile

  • Customer Journey

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Opportunity Proposition

The final aspect of the SEO health check is a clear action plan for moving forward with the campaign and detailed timeline, enabling you to plan resource for the project.

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How can we Help?

Based upon all the key factors that are taken into consideration within the neSEO Health Check. We will provide a list of recommendations that we feel will benefit your website and look towards building a strategy with neSEO that can help your website achieve top rankings.

Does your website have an ongoing Link Building strategy?

Link building has a major role in creating a successful SEO campaign. For your website to build authority and perform in Google, other websites need to link to yours. It is important that your website has quality links from other industry relevant websites. NeSEO will analyse your existing link profile and recommend ways to improve or build upon it.

Does your website have a quality Back link profile?

In light of recent Google updates it is essential for your website to have a high quality back link profile. Do you want to be associated with the websites that link to yours? Link building is a key element of SEO and for your website to build authority you need a strong backlink profile. 

Factors that make a good link include:

  • Quality content and engagement
  • Good page rank
  • Regularly updated
  • Industry relevant
  • Branded anchor text

NeSEO will review your websites back link profile and would tailor a link building strategy to your businesses and industry's needs.

Ensuring your campaign is a good investment

For an SEO campaign to be a success you have to ensure a good return on investment. When looking into a campaign we will consider the search volumes of the key words that you wish to target and also your websites average conversion rate.

Does your website have a low conversion rate, but a very high average order value, these are factors that we will take into consideration when planning a strategy for your site.


Does your site have Authority?

We will analyse the authority of your website and look to ways of improving it.



Is your website search engine friendly?

When ranking a website, Google takes several factors into consideration. On-site optimisation is an essential part of any successful SEO campaign. Our SEO Health Check will analyse your website and look at a number of aspects, these include:

  • Website architecture and structure
  • Page titles and headings
  • Content 
  • Internal linking
  • Key word distribution
  • Load speed and file size
  • Meta descriptions
  • Alt tags
  • Relevant content

Search engines use crawlers or 'spiders' to follow links around the internet from one page to another. From this they build up a map of where everything is, and who's linking to what. Every page is then indexed and put in order of suitability for particular keyphrases. This list of pages is then displayed based on the relevance of the user's search. Getting your page or site to the top of this list can be competitive, so ensuring your site is well coded and follows best practise for the above will certainly help you appear higher in those results.

Is your website user friendly?

NeSEO will consider the journey a customer will take when navigating through your website. Your website may currently rank well for a certain key word however do your visitors land on the most appropriate page for the term that they are searching? This can have a huge impact on your websites conversion rate.

User Experience (UX) has become a major part of digital marketing over the past few years, and knowing how your clients interact with your site can determine what stage of your sales funnel they are at. Improving the layout of pages can dramatically increase conversions simply by placing calls-to-action in a more prominent position or by directing visitors to a particular page.

Good use of graphics, icons and weirdly 'white space' can break up large pages of text, making important and thorough information easier to digest. We'll work with you to analyse your site and can even record the interactions your website receives over a short time so you can follow the user's cursor as they navigate through your pages.

Reducing the number of interactions needed to get to a conversion area is also a no-brainer for creating user-friendly websites. People have less time to spend browsing and want to find a solution the quickest way possible. Ensuring they enter your site via the correct landing page and then directing them to the product or service they are most likely to need is an area of optimisation we really enjoy and employs many traditional marketing methods to improve your conversions and leads.

Your Off-site Presence

We will assess the quality of your websites backlink profile, and its anchor text, your blogging activity and general online presence.  We will also look at your presence across social media and look to ways of improving it.

Creating profiles across multiple social media channels can be the first step. Once you have these, you're slowly establishing your business as a genuine and viable source of information. Link-building, although a somewhat arduous task is also extremely important in improving your website's rankings and PageRank which helps make your site more likely to appear in user searches. 

Obviously the more exposure your brand and business receives, the more likely people are to remember it, visit your website or call you. Let's not forget that conversions don't just come from contact forms or online checkouts! Many service businesses, particularly high-ticket ones will receive more enquiries over the phone due to the bespoke nature of their service. Having your business name, number and email across every platform ensures that wherever your potential clients are hanging out, you'll be there when they search for your service.

How does your website compare to the competition and how well are you doing within your market?

Our Health Check includes competitor and market analysis, comparing your sites performance against your competitors and looking where you fit in within your market. We will take into consideration a number of factors such as backlink profile, site structure, brand awareness and social media presence. 

We'll take a whole bunch of your target keywords and compare the listings that appear when we search for them. Are they relevant? Are visitors getting the information they want when visiting your page compared to the listings that appear next to you. It may be the case that some of your keyphrases need some work or are too broad a term. 'Bike parts' for example, could have a range of demographics searching for such term. Students, artists or designers might be researching the parts of a bike for a project or just want to know the basic construction of a bike. It may be someone looking to buy spares for a particular brand of bike they own to make a repair. Of course, there is the possibility that they're searching for motorbike parts and not bicycle parts. Analysing your competitors allows us to see what the majority is for a particular keyphrase. Our example here is pretty broad, so we'd work with you to create long-tail phrases to better serve your potential visitors.

We will carry out our own bespoke Digital Website Audit.  We do not use third party software we manually review your site and factor in all the elements that we consider important when looking at your websites on-line authority.

website score2

Is your website optimised for the key words that you want to target?

We provide an full key word analysis, based around your business, target market and competition. We detail search volumes and base our tailor made SEO campaigns around key words that we know will not only drive traffic to your site, but also help it convert.

Unlike many other SEO companies, we will hold initial consultations with our clients before starting a campaign so that we can gain a strong understanding of their business, market place and products or services. This allows us not only to base campaigns around industry relevent key words with high search volumes, but also allows us to prioritise phrases that are most important to our customers. 


Broad vs Long-Tail

Sometimes we find that clients expect their site to rank for highly competitive short phrases known as broad keywords. The truth is, unless you have huge budgets to spend (we're talking £millions) then more often than not your site or service will fair better with more long-tail links. Long-tail refers to links of 3 words or more that together will have a shorter list of competitive sites and therefore a better liklihood of appearing in the results.


Local Keywords

It may be that the service or product you sell is limited to a local area, so Local SEO and key phrases featuring place names or locations may return better results. We'll work with you to highlight areas that may have a high enough search traffic to warrant using.