Pay Per Click (PPC)

Fully managed Pay Per Click advertising campaigns

Instantly attracting qualified visitors to your website

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a fantastic way to reach your audience very quickly, within hours you can be advertising across multiple channels, such as; Google, Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and YouTube – providing an instant flow of customers to your business.

PPC Campaigns complement an organic SEO strategy perfectly and can provide you with an advertising presence on hard to rank for keywords and phrases. Our fully managed Pay Per Click campaigns are designed to provide you with the maximum return on investment. There are specific techniques to success in PPC, for example, using certain words in your adverts will produce more clicks – you can even out rank your competitors and pay less for each click!

Our Pay Per Click service includes:

  • Set up of multiple advertising channels
  • Keyword research and budget planning
  • Creative advertisement writing and artwork
  • Advert and keyword optimisation
  • Monthly reporting and conversion tracking

PPC is an abbreviation of the term Pay-Per-Click often called CPC or Cost-Per-Click. It relates to an advertising model frequently used to direct traffic from one website to another in the form of an image or text advert. Typically the client pays the publisher of the website each time the advert is clicked. The most common placement of PPC ads is on search engine pages, whereby they will choose an advert to display based on the user's search results. Whicch adverts appear depend on which advertiser has payed the highest value for a specific key phrase or term. Traditional ads placed on any website may not always be PPC and simply allow a link through from one website to another, often via a unique url that works as a referral scheme for the website owner to benefit from the completed sale and for both parties to be able to monitor the success.

The benefits of PPC are that anyone creating ad campaigns to drive traffic to a particular page or product, can monitor the effectiveness of their wording, imagery and campaign overall in order to further improve their marketing efforts and generate revenue and capture contact data from those that don't convert instantly.

There are typically two types of pricing for PPC ads.


Flat rate is just that - a flat rate fee that the advertiser and publisher agree on for every click of the displayed advert. These are usually found on comparison shopping engines which offer a rate card to enable a variation in price for placement of ads on particular pages. The fees remain fixed, and are usually negotiable if signing up for a longer period.


Most commonly used with search engine sites and advertiser networks, this PPC model requires advertisers to sign contracts in order to compete against each other via bidding for positioning of their advert when a user searches for a set of words, known as a keyphrase. The cost of a bid is detemined by the number of advertisers competing for the same term. It also considers the day and time of the search, geo-location and of relevance of the ad based on three types of keyphrase matching.

For Google and Bing, keyphrase matching is split into three possibilities, each having an impact on which advertisers' ad shows up above the rest: broad, exact and phrase match. These match types refer to the accuracy of the words chosen by the advertiser to rank for, and the end-user's search terms on Google or Bing. 

At NeSEO we have been working with Google Adwords for over 10 years.  We are experienced in getting the most from your on-line investment.

We are confident that we will be able to increase your sales / leads while reducing your investment.  All too often agencies complicate the process of creating and managing Google PPC.

We have learnt over the past 10 years that it is best to start simple.

Let us show you what we can do to make Google Adwords work for you.

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