Local Search

Attract local customers to your business through the power of a geotargeted search campaign

Connecting local people to local businesses

If your business is interested in attracting local customers, then your search engine optimisation plan needs to be geographically targeted. It’s not only about having a Google places listing, you need to engage with your local community online, raise awareness about your business, its products and services. Our local SEO services include:

  • Local business listings (Google places et al.)
  • Smart interaction with local online community
  • Awareness campaign
  • Website optimisation for local keywords
  • Video production within your local area
  • Onsite photography and imagery sourcing

Who needs local SEO?

stand out

Any business that is location-based and has much of their custom from the immediate area - doctors, taxis, restaurants, solicitors. This is especially important if you have a local address and a shop front where you expect people to visit.

Of course your website will still need to meet a certain standard before it can be marketed, as search engines 'read' your website looking for correct layout, tags and data to interpret this into a listing. For this reason, it's important that we consider an analysis or audit of your site first.

Local SEO encompasses the managemen of long-tail search terms, generating reviews on local portals and becoming a visible contributer to the area. Visibility and local awareness are the key factors here. We need to ensure all your address details are exact across all your social media so that google (and other search engines) can recognise that all the things your doing off-page are related to the same business and the same physical address.

Identifying opportunities that may work for you in terms of sponsorship or involvement is also a great way to shout about your committment to the area and more importantly establish your firm as a name that people can trust.

National SEO campaigns rely more on content-driven organic results and targeted PPC. With an emphasis on a bigger audience there are a lot less local considerations if you're selling to a uk-wide market.