SEO Copywriting Tips

Posted by Kelly on 31 October 2011

SEO Copywriting Tips

SEO copywriting involves the skilful writing of unique and optimised articles for a specific business including products and services for a web page or website.  An SEO copywriter needs to write quality and original content including relevant information about the nature of the brand. This is done by making effective use of targeted keywords so that it can easily be found by users on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

When writing for SEO purposes, keep the following things in mind:

Keyword Density – A good copywriter must find the perfect balance of text and keywords and avoid excessive keyword density. Stuffing your text with keywords will just be picked up as spam to search engines.

Titles – Making your text stand out by utilising bold text will effectively show the reader what your article is about, as well as telling the search engine that these keywords are extremely important.

Target Audience – The copywriter should have a good idea about the target audience the website aims to attract. They can then adopt a certain style of writing to make sure the webpage reaches the relevant searchers.

Original and Fresh Content – Providing fresh, original and quality content will attract potential customers and keep them visiting your site again and again. SEO copywriting requires you to include your keywords but it is important to remember you need to sound human and make the rest of your content engaging and informative.

Style - SEO copywriters must be flexible in adapting to the different industries as well as their current trends and changes. This means taking on various different styles for each client including blog writing, article writing, forum posting and website copywriting. The copywriter needs to be versatile to know how to use a specific style at the right time.

Creating searchable, readable, engaging and shareable content is extremely important when copywriting for SEO. High-quality copywriting is an essential tool for helping your website rank highly in search engines like Google, which will in turn convert into more visitors and increase profits. Find out how you can benefit from ourSEO copywriting services.