How do Social Media and SEO Work Together?

Posted by Kelly on 8 November 2011

The Importance of Social Media and SEO Marketing

SEO and social media marketing can be intertwined to create a successful online presence for companies. The evolution of social media and SEO creates a number of exciting opportunities to receive more visibility on the web and it is therefore important to align your social media strategy with your search engine optimisation efforts. As with all SEO activities, it’s essential to focus not only on what the search engines will see but on quality and user experience. If the copy on your website or blog is interesting then you will reap the benefits of social media. Providing unique and quality content will go a long way on social media, with friends, families and colleagues sharing your links afar. Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are extremely powerful tools for link building and having active user communities will bring a high level of trust to search engines. Engaging in discussion on forums, blogs and other types of media allows you to not only interact with customers but keep content fresh and updated for SEO purposes.

Social Media and SEO Combined

Social media is constantly on the rise and this means that search engines have no option but to take their content seriously. Sites like Facebook and Twitter generate a huge amount of internet traffic every day in online news and discussions. As well as increasing your online brand presence, there are 2 ways in which social media and SEO work together:

Generating Natural Links

Using Twitter as an example, the majority of tweets contain a link and taking into account that more than 100 million people use it with 230 million tweets being sent a day, it’s a great place to get seen! Promoting your content on Twitter encourages your network to read your content as well as allowing them to share it via their network in the form of a ‘reTweet’. The more times this is shared, the more authority your brand/company will possess in the eyes of search engines. Similar with Facebook, in that when you publish your content, others can share it with their network. This will tell the search engines that this content is valuable in some way and therefore others should have access to it.

Drive Website Traffic

One of the major roles of SEO is to drive targeted traffic to your website and social networking compliments this, allowing businesses to connect with an audience on a one to one basis. Creating a well optimized profile will be the main gateway to your website so when posting content or blog posts, just provide your fans with snippets to tease them. You will have a much better chance of converting a visitor once they are on your main site.

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